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Gifts for Baby Sancho!

January 29, 2012

The ladies of SQ have been invited to a baby shower for our friend and colleague Jackie, who is expecting a baby boy in March! Jackie and her husband Josh (also a fellow teacher) have been referring to her baby bump as “Sancho” and we couldn’t be happier for them about his impending arrival! In true SQ fashion, we decided to craft a few gifts for Sancho and Jackie:

Miss Pascal: Jackie didn’t have a diaper bag in her gift registry, so I decided to make her an all-purpose bag out of home deco fabric. I didn’t want it to scream “baby” (so many of the baby-themed fabrics aggravated the ladies at SQ) so I picked a deep turquoise and lively pattern.

The bag came together in a number of hours! It’s a reversible bag, with rows of pockets that can either be worn on the inside or outside. As I forgot to take a picture of the bag, you will have to use your imagination! It was a big hit though and Jackie we definitely be using it.

Krypton: I received a great gift for Christmas from my friend Laura, a book called “Fabric by Fabric: One Yard Wonders”. The book has 101 different projects that require one yard of fabric or less. There are some great projects that I want to make for myself…but there were also some great ones for babies. Being that I am not having a kid anytime soon, this baby shower was the chance to make on of these fun things. I choose a swaddling blanket made from soft flannel fabric. Wrapping babies up in blankets makes them happy and a happy baby means more sleep so I thought this would be a much appreciated gift.

Here is what it should like with a baby in it:

It was pretty easy to make. I cut out two pieces then had to use bias tape to finish the edges. After that I sewed the swaddle ties to the main part of the blanket. And here is my final product:

The fabric is super cute and has lots of fun animals on it! I made a little card with instructions for tying it all up that you can see on the blanket. In addition to the crafted gift, I got Jackie and Josh the book “Go the F**k to Sleep”. It is crazy hilarious and she got a real kick out of it!

Overall we had a great time at the shower and put our crafting skills to good use!

~Love and stitches,


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