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Miss Pascal is Back! With Resolutions!

January 16, 2012

Wow, it’s been over a month since I’ve posted–there’s not really much excuse for it but that I’m lame.  🙂  I’ve always been a big fan of New Year’s resolutions so here are some of mine.  


Miss Pascal’s Crafting Resolutions:

  • Finish some projects before I start any new ones!  I have a significant number of unfinished projects lying around–I’ve discovered that I love the beginning of a project rather than seeing it through to completion.  So what I need to do is work on the old stuff and get some projects out of my hair so I don’t feel guilty about starting something shiny and new!  There’s one exception to this resolution, though:  I had to start a brand-new project, a baby bag for a friend of Krypton’s and mine (so she can welcome her brand-new little guy)!  You’ll see pictures of that soon…
  • Blog more often…I have been absolutely horrible at this, as you can see from my long hiatus.  My iPhone is currently ticking down an hour-long timer, and I will be blogging until the bell rings!  (This post shouldn’t take up that whole time, but I’ll be scheduling some posts for later in the week).


Miss Pascal’s Personal Resolutions:

I went over to Krypton’s house earlier in the day on New Year’s Eve to get her help pressing the tie for E. Chadwick (I was making a supreme mess of it, though I stitched it together quickly enough once it was pressed) and we got to talking about personal resolutions.  Krypton brought out the Post-Its that she had written to help remind her of her resolutions, and they were almost exactly identical to the ones I’d been tossing around in my head!  Particularly in the cooking, slow cooker, and dining out less departments.  But here are some of mine:

  • Cook a nice meal once a week.  I don’t eat out particularly often, though I do have a habit of getting Thai take-out on a fairly regular basis…yum!  🙂  I like cooking and would like to try doing more of it, whether it’s popping something in the slow cooker or whipping up something on the stove.  This week I made beef with broccoli and rice noodles for myself and Adam…too bad there weren’t any leftovers!
  • Do a serious cleaning job on my apartment.  There are some dusty, scary parts of it, not to mention the fact that I’m convinced some of my favorite clothes have been lost to my closets!  So I’d really like to tidy up and feather my nest some more.
  • Be extremely conscientious about going to the gym.  I’m not an exercise-phobe; I’m in the habit of going.  I could stand to tone up a little bit, but I’m happy about my current weight.  Going to the gym, I’ve found, is for me a crucial stress- and chemical balancer.  Basically, if I skip more than a day’s worth of exercise, I start to see a change in my mood that negatively affects other areas of my life.  So it’s not an option to skip, and I’ve been really good about it so far (since New Year’s Day, I’ve only skipped three days at the gym)!  I’m not pumping iron or anything, but getting my heart rate up each day is really important for me.
  • Be more patient with myself as I figure my life out!  I’ve been asking myself many big questions lately about where I think my life is going, in terms of career, location, love, etc. and I put a lot of pressure on myself to have everything figured out right away.  When I realize I can’t have everything figured out the way I want it, I get a little depressed, and the whole cycle starts over again.  So I have to be more patient with myself; the search for answers doesn’t have a deadline, and it’s completely okay to let other people in and help me out as I figure out where I’m going.  
  • Create a bucket list.  There are some exciting things I’d like to do!  So I’ve got to spend some time figuring out a bunch of them, at least.  I put something on my list a few days after New Year’s and am already acting on it (no pun intended)–I’d like to be in a musical!  I was in a few shows in high school and college, but never at a time when I was fully in control of or confident about my singing voice.  So, after browsing the community theatre web pages for quite some time, I found an audition for a musical (next weekend!) and am preparing my audition piece for that!  I’ll let you know how it goes…but back to the bucket list thing.  I’d like to put together that list and see if I can get myself on the way to some big adventures!


I think these are all goals I can keep…let’s see how I do in 2012!

~Love and Stitches,

Miss Pascal

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