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Giving an old scarf new life

January 11, 2012

So I have this fun ombre dyed scarf that I really like…. but for some reason didn’t wear very much.

I never loved the tassels in this case and that is probably why I didn’t wear it much. Then suddenly last night I was thinking that if it was one of those long circle scarfs I’d probably wear it more. So I made it into one!

It was a pretty quick and painless process, and a total of 15 minutes, I had a whole new scarf! First, I laid it out nicely and sewed the ends together about a 1/2 an inch from the tassels, making sure they were all out and wouldn’t get sewn over.

Then, I cut off the tassel part! (It was sort of liberating!)

I could tell the scarf was going to pull and such at the end, so I finished the seam with a narrow hem. It definitely isn’t even…but it gets hidden because you put that on the inside part.

And after being so proud of my work, I wore it to school today! (I think my mirror is dirty…I’m off to clean that now!)


~Love and Stitches,



PS: I am proud to report that I am doing pretty well on my resolutions! I have started reading a new book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling. It is funny and I am 26% done (thanks Kindle!).  I have made 3 recipes in my crock pot over the last week and a half! I also have the ingredients ready for another one tomorrow. Crafting-wise I have been a bit slacking…I have to start sewing my 1 piece of clothing! I am debating between a skirt or an apron, I know I eventually want to make both. I also am going to tackle a small project for a baby shower I am going to on 1/29, so I need to get going on that as well!

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