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New Years Resolutions…a week later

January 7, 2012

So we are 1 week into a the new year. So far it has been pretty good, although going back to work is always a bit rough. I am definitely a sleeper so getting up at 6:30 is never the easiest for me. Being that SQ is all about crafting, I thought it would be appropriate to post my resolutions for crafting in 2012. One of the original motivators for this blog was actually a resolution for the New Year. Miss Pascal suggested that we work on 1 craft project a month and then blog about it. I loved the idea and encourage her (and I) to start the blog early so we could used to posting and such. So back in October the blog was born! We have a few modifications to our resolutions, but 2012 should be a crafty year!! Here is what I am hoping to do, craft-wise, in 2012.

Krypton’s crafting resolutions: 

  • Make 1 article of clothing per month. I have about 6 projects in mind already…an apron (I realized while making pasta sauce in a nice dress on New Year’s eve that I really do need one), a brown skirt, a dress with the fabric I got a Mood, a dress or top with this fun black/white/teal floral sheer fabric I have, an Obi belt from the book Fabric by Fabric: One Yard Wonders I got as a christmas gift from my friend Laura! I gotta get going on this one…
  • Scrapbook half of the (already printed) pictures by the summer. If I can make a dent in the pile before summer break, I can then finish up those scrapbooks while I have a lot of time. This also will give me the fall/winter of 2012 to print out new pictures and scrapbook them!!
  • Plan out future projects based on things I have starred from my Google Reader. Many of my Christmas projects were inspired by tutorials I found online through my Google Reader. I frequently star things that look awesome in hopes to revisit them in the future. The issue is that I have almost too many things starred! I want to organize them into projects and start making some of them!
  • Blog once a week. I will keep you all up to date on what I am working on and help keep me motivated!
  • Keep having fun and improving my sewing skills!! I am still pretty new to sewing and I only have room to improve!

Although our crafting resolutions may be more appropriate for this blog, I also wanted to post some of my personal goals for the year as well. Here is to hoping that putting them in print will make them more real and help me follow through more!

Krypton’s  personal resolutions:

  • Read one book a month (at least). I love to read but it often happens in bursts. For example, I hadn’t read anything all of November and most of December. And then I read ALL three Hunger Games books in like 1 week over Christmas break. I believe that I read 12 books last year, but by reading one a month I can spread out the love more. I need to get going on this one as well…
  • Cook with my Crock Pot once a week (at least). Now that it is winter and my brother is going to be starting a full time job, I want to use my Crock Pot for dinners. I have a Weight Watchers cook book which has a lot of recipes to choose from. I actually have already made two dinners with the crock pot this week! The Thai spiced turkey and chicken/chorizo were both really good! This is definitely a resolution I shouldn’t have an issue with keeping.
  • Be active for 30 minutes a day. Exercising has always been a tough thing for me. When I find things I like to do, I get into it and have fun. But fitting it into my schedule is tough. Often times after a long day at school I just don’t feel like going to the gym…and there is no way I will ever get up early to work out. (I am a habitual late sleeper!). My hope is to start small…30 minutes a day. It could be a walk, playing the XBox Kinect (I love Dance Central!), swimming at work, playing tennis or going to the gym if I can motivate. So far I have been pretty good about this!
  • Save more money…in general and by not going out to eat as much. Since moving out on my own, I have definitely gone out for dinner more with friends instead of cooking at home. I want to work on saving some more money, which means less frequent dining out and better budgeting.
  • Put myself out their more and make some new friends. I have a lot of friends, but want to meet some new people this year. Particularly in terms of dating.
  • And finally, lose some weight. This is sort of constantly on my to do list, but still true none the less. Ideally I would lose about 25 pounds, but I just want to start with losing 10 pounds by March break.

Let’s hope I can keep to these goals in the New Year!

~Love and Stitches,


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