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Christmas Crafting Summary

December 29, 2011

First off, HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY to Miss Pascal!! Yesterday was the big day and at about 8 pm it occurred to me that I should have made a blog post about it. Oops! After spending the day driving back to CT from DC, Miss Pascal took a nap (of course) and then spent the evening with a bunch of her friends. We went bowling which was really fun! I made her red velvet whoopie pies as a “cake” using the new baking pan I got for Christmas. I think she had a fun birthday, I know I enjoyed it!

Now on to the main goal of this post. I spent a lot of time crafting gifts this holiday season and thought that it would be fun to put together a little summary of everything. All my gifts went over really well and seemed to be appreciated and loved by those who received them. So I am extremely happy to report that all the time spent, was well worth it! Here is a picture summary of 10 crafts I completed this holiday season and a brief description of each. There are links to previous posts when appropriate.

  1. Tree stump coasters for my parents.
  2. A tie for my brother (modeled on Christmas Eve over his trademark plaid shirt…I don’t think he will be wearing this combo when he starts his job at an insurance company this January!)
  3. Embroidered Christmas cards.
  4. One of the gifts E. Chadwick and I crafted for Miss Pascal. I googled some fun sewing quotes/saying and I liked this one because Miss Pascal is quite the quilter (although I think she has yet to really tell you all about it on this blog!). We made it from scraps I had (perhaps you recognize some of the fabric…). I quickly sewed together the mock quilt and with the help of some Sharpie Paint pens, Mod Podge and a staple gun we had a fun homemade piece of art! I envision it being hung in her sewing room.
  5. A tie for my dad.
  6. An iPad case for my mom.
  7. A purse/jewelry bag for my friend Laura. She can put lip gloss, lotion etc in this in her purse. Or perhaps use it for jewelry when she travels. I used a tutorial from the blog The Creative Place for the bag, with a few small changes. I didn’t line the bag and decided to buy rope for the draw strings instead of making them from the fabric.
  8. Cork garland for my parents fireplace.
  9. Another gift I made for Miss Pascal with E. Chadwick! I saw a wall hanging at Urban Outfitters with sewing machine that said “Make do and mend” and it stuck with me. I wasn’t crazy over the design (or the $30 price tag) but I knew I could make something better myself. E. Chadwick and I painted a canvas purple then used scrapbooking letters for the font (it is actually black and white polka dots!). The work is actually 3D with the fabric sticking off the canvas, a real needle through it and a spool of thread (made from half a cork wrapped in embroidery floss). Again, I’m thinking this will be perfect for Miss Pascal’s sewing room.
  10. The Redskin tote bag for my mom. This project got multiple posts, read here, here and here.

I did a few other projects as well that aren’t shown…

  • A Redskins t-shirt I made for my dad. It is based on something we always say during the games (Alright, just gotta hold them to a field goal) and the design was sketched by my brother. I then used Photoshop and InDesign to make it, printed it out on t-shirt transfer paper and ironed it on.
  • Three to four more purse bags, like #7, that I made in different fabrics. It would have been fun to take pictures of all of them together, but I ended up wrapping each one after I finished it.
  • Two composition notebook covers following this tutorial from the blog Joy’s Hope.

It was quite the busy holiday season! I am definitely going to have to start earlier if I want to craft this much for the holidays again next year (particularly for my wrist sake, as it was sore for pretty much half of December). I have been in a crafting lull since, pretty much just relaxing with my family and friends, sleeping late and trying to ignore the fact that school starts up again next Tuesday. It seems that Miss Pascal has just been ignoring the blog in general…but we will have to cut her some slack, as she has been busy traveling. However, we have discussed some New Years Resolutions for the blog and crafting, as well as for ourselves, so keep an eye out for a post soon.

~Love and Stitches,


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