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Hello, Strangers and Happy Holidays!

December 19, 2011

Well hello! It has been quite some time. I apologize for the break. As I said before, I have been busy working on wrapping up school things before break (yay we are done! boo if you saw the bag of grading I have…). Now that we are on break for a while I should have no excuses, but with the holidays I’m sure things will come up. To so of catch up you, here is what I have been up to!

A few weeks ago I decorated my apartment for Christmas! We put up a small tree (while watching the South Park Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo episode of course!)

got a nice poinsettia and filled a few glass jars with holiday things on the dining room table.

Overall the place feels very festive! Last weekend I went to another teacher’s house for a great holiday party, which helped get me into the spirit even more! They had delicious alcoholic egg nog, definitely a holiday treat! I spent the last few weeks making Christmas cookies as I mentioned before. I give bags of cookies to many of the people I work with for the holidays and I make a lot of different kinds. I store them at my parents house because I don’t have the space for all of them. Some years I have made 13 different types…this year I settled at a modest 9. Last Thursday night I went to my parents house to layout everything I made and make the bags. Here are all the cookies ready to be bagged!

And then in the giant bag I took to school!

They were a hit at school as usual and will be a hit on Christmas Eve and day I’m sure. The last day of school before break is always really fun, and this year was no exception. We have very short classes (26 minutes!) so I do something fun with the kids. This year we did a chemical reaction to coat the inside of small vials in silver metal. Then with ribbon they can make them into ornaments for their Christmas trees or Hanukkah bushes, etc. The kids seemed to have a great time and I always enjoy getting the chance to cut loose and have fun with them!

After the school day was over at 12:30 we had our work party at 12:31 which was, as usual, awesome! I really love the teachers I work with, so it is extra fun getting to hang out with them in a more relaxed setting when we don’t have lots of school work on our minds! Then on Saturday I went out with E. Chadwick for Santacon New Haven. Oh man, if you haven’t heard about Santacon you are missing out. Basically it happens in a bunch of different cities on weekends in December. People dress up as Santa, elves, reindeer, etc and go on a giant bar crawl. New Haven started at 10:30 am, but we joined at a more civilized 2:30. Here was the scene at the bar:

It lasted till at least 6 pm. At least that was when we ducked out to get some food in our bellies! After enjoying, that I went to a holiday party hosted by a guy at work. All in all, it was quite the festive day. Not to be outdone, Sunday turned out to be pretty great as well. The Redskins handled the Giants and won a great game! Then last night my friend Laura came over to exchange gifts, have Chinese food, watch Love Actually and help me with gift wrapping! We have done this the last few years and it always puts me in the holiday mood! The gifts look GOOD!


So this week I am going to finish up some crafting, I still have a few gifts left to work on. I am also going to make pierogies for Christmas eve with my grandmother and cousins. Then it will be holiday celebration time! My mom’s birthday is Friday and we are going to go to one of our favorite places for dinner. Then Saturday the Redskins are playing at 1 pm and it is Christmas eve! So many fun things going on, I love the holidays!! What are your plans?

~Love and Stitches,


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