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Personal NYC Trip Purchases!

November 29, 2011

After getting what we needed for gifts (as you saw before), we did some shopping for ourselves at Mood! Here are some pictures of what we each bought and what we are planning to do with it.

First up what Krypton bought:

Krypton:  So I know that this looks really boring…BUT it is going to become a really nice basic brown skirt for work. I have a black skirt that I adore from Old Navy that I have had for forever. The skirt is so comfortable and a perfect length for work. I am going to use it as a sort of pattern for this new brown skirt.They didn’t really have any basic fabric that I liked at JoAnn’s so I knew Mood would be where I needed to look. There were lots of options, but thanks to Miss Pascal and a helpful woman on the floor, I think I found the right fabric in terms of weight and color.

This pattern caught my eye. At $14/yard, I splurged and bought 3 yards of this jersey fabric. It was my most expensive purchase of the day (at $42). The only problem is…I have NO clue what I am going to make with it! I’m thinking some sort of dress. I just knew that I really liked the color combination of grey, brown, beige and teal. It is basic, but with enough interest with the color and pattern. I will have to do some pattern browsing and get inspired!

And finally, at M&J Trimmings I bought some gorgeous silk ribbons. I bought 1 yard of basic black and brown ribbon. Then the real stars, 1 yard of a brown/green dyed mix (called Rusty Bucket) and 1 yard of a black/yellow/purple dyed mix (called Aurora Borealis). I got some hardware and am planning on turning them into simple bracelets, one side being solid color and the other being the tie dyed silk. I may make some as gifts, but at least one of each will be going into my personal jewelry collection.

Miss Pascal:  With all the wealth of colors and patterns, it was so difficult for me to decide what to buy for myself!  I wandered over to the silk prints and this caught my eye:


I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to do with this one, but the emerald green and exotic pattern will be stunning whatever I decide.  I was thinking either some sort of tunic or short dress!  Who knows–I’ll be sitting on this stuff until I find the right pattern.  Krypton has been encouraging me to put more green into my wardrobe ever since I tried on a bright green dress at Old Navy.  The dress was a bust, but the green went really well with my coloring (I have green eyes) and I’m hoping that whatever garment I make with this will be spectacular!

We are definitely looking forward to working with all these fun new fabrics and will undoubtedly be making another trip to Mood in the future!

~Love and Stitches,


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