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Another Gift Finished!

November 28, 2011

So over this weekend I did a lot of relaxing and grading. I also found some time to craft! I was able to finish a gift for my mom. SPOILER ALERT: Krypton’s mom stop reading now!

I spent another few hours working on finishing the Redskins tote bag. First I put the bag together, without the lining last week. This weekend I put together the lining (with a little phone-a-friend to Miss Pascal about a pattern reading question). Then I put the lining in the bag and finished the handles. It was a bit tricky at times because of the curved edges, but those all are hidden in the final project. I am really happy with how the bag came out overall!

It has great outside pockets, although it could probably use some inside pockets as well. I’m thinking that I could maybe add some. The interfacing makes it just the right stiffness. However, the main issue is that the bag is HUGE! How big is it you ask? Well here is it on my shoulder for the idea of the size…

Sorry it isn’t the best picture. I took it with my iPhone in my bedroom mirror, but you get the idea. It would make a good beach bag or giant grocery bag. I think my mom will find use for it, but in the future I want to shrink down the pattern (I’ll take it to school and downsize everything on the copy machine) so the bag is more reasonable. There is one good think about its crazy size though, I was thinking that I will wrap my mom’s smaller gifts and then put them in the bag. Why use a Christmas bag when I just made a great, roomy one?

Next up with be a crafting date with Miss Pascal to work on the boy’s gifts.

~Love and Stitches,



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