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Gift Purchases from the NYC Adventure!

November 25, 2011

We here at SQ hope you had a great Thanksgiving! We had some great food and spent time with friends and family, and hopefully you did the same. Krypton spent it at her parents house with her cousins, grandparents, amazing food, and lots of football! Miss Pascal passed a relaxing Turkey Day with her boyfriend, a couple from work, and their young son. Great times all around!

Without further ado, here is a follow up to our NYC trip – a description of the gift items we purchased at Mood! However, SPOILER ALERT! E. Chadwick, Thor, Miss Pascal’s Dad, Krypton’s brother and Dad – STOP READING NOW.

One of the main gift making items we knew we wanted to buy in the city at Mood was silk fabric for making ties and bow ties. We knew they would have a nice selection and seeing the colors and patterns in person was going to be key. Check out the options:

We spent about 20 minutes browsing all the options. We wanted to pick out four fabrics, one for Krypton’s brother, Krypton’s dad, E. Chadwick (our best work friend) and Thor (Miss Pascal’s boyfriend). The silk were each $25.00/yard, which seemed pretty expensive, but fortunately we learned that we only need 3/4 yard for ties and 1/2 yard for a bow tie. All the ties will be cut on the bias (so the patterns appear to be diagonal) and I am really excited with what we got:

For Krypton’s brother…

For E. Chadwick…

For Krypton’s dad… (I am really excited for this one. I’m going to cut the tie so that you can see the color variation in the body of the tie.)

For Thor…

Now, this fabric is really nice and we don’t want to make any learning curve mistakes (and have to go back into NYC for more). So the plan is to make a mock tie out of some other fabric first and try that out. Hopefully we can work out any kinks and be ready for the real and nice silk fabric!

Miss Pascal wants to make her dad a shirt for the holidays, but found out the hard way about the perils of ordering fabric online.  A brushed shirting fabric she ordered turned out to be way too lumberjack-y, and Miss Pascal’s dad is very picky about what he wears.  He dresses conservatively (it was a huge undertaking to get him to wear his first pink shirt), so Miss Pascal deliberated and picked a white shirting with light grey and blue details.  The picture doesn’t really do the fabric justice!  Miss Pascal noted with mirth that the “safe” choice for her dad and Thor were on opposite ends of the spectrum; the muted palette works nicely for Dad but Thor’s snappy sartorial sense will be satisfied by the bubblegum pink!

Keep you eyes out for a post on making ties coming up before the holidays!  We’re excited to get cracking!

~Love and Stitches,


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