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Crafting Heaven

November 23, 2011

So although we love living in New Haven, it is clearly lacking in the crafting department. Our only real stores for crafting goodies are JoAnn’s and Michael’s. Although, they have good basics they are clearly limited. We can do plenty of online shopping, but that requires lots of browsing websites, paying for shipping and praying that you will actually like the things you order in person as much as you did on the screen. (Miss Pascal just had a run in with this problem and it is no fun) With this in mind, we decided a trip to NYC and the garment district was long over due! As I’m sure you read, Miss Pascal planned out a great day, with some key stores to hit and options for lunch.

After a nice train ride into the city, we started the day browsing ribbon, buttons, sequins, and various other trimmings at M&J Trimming. The selection was AMAZING and very overwhelming! Miss Pascal was super excited the moment we got in!

There were walls of ribbons!

And then walls of buttons!

All this fun trimming was inspiring, but we decided to come back after we had done some fabric shopping and had more specific projects in mind. By this point we had worked up an appetite. We decided on Szechuan Gourmet for a delicious lunch of Chinese food. After refueling we were ready for Mood!

It is on the third floor and Miss Pascal was again, bubbling over with excitement while we were climbing the stairs! When we got into the store it was definitely smaller than it looks on TV, but oh boy did they have A LOT of fabric! Bolts and bolts of beautiful lace, silk, jersey, tulle, knits, etc were pilled to the ceiling on shelving.

Three whole floors worth. With so many options it was a bit overwhelming at first. The general plan of attack was to look for the things we knew we wanted to buy first and then just browse the entire store.

Here is Miss Pascal touching some of the beautiful silks!

Once we finished all our browsing, we rang up all our purchases and actually stayed within our budgets! Yay! Here we are with the “famous” Mood bags:

And of course before we left the Garment District, we had to have Miss Pascal pose for this picture! (and in case you were wondering it was raining, thus the scarf on her head)

Over the next few days we are going to post pictures of all the goodies we bought for ourselves and to use for Christmas gifts, so keep your eyes out for those!

~Love and Stitches,


PS: As always…here is the NERD ALERT: On Miss Pascal’s face(s) we have Henri Poincaré. Poincaré (1854-1912) was a French mathematician and a theoretical physicist. He made many fundamental contributions to pure and applied math, is considered to be a founder of the field of topology, laid the foundations of modern chaos theory and formulated the Poincaré conjecture, a famous unsolved problem that was finally solved in 2002-2003. Finally, Poincaré was involved in important steps that lead to the theory of special relativity. On Krypton’s face we have Gilbert N. Lewis. Lewis (1875 to 1946) was an American physical chemist. He discovered the covalent bond, described bonding using Lewis dot structures, purified heavy water, worked with chemical thermodynamics, developed a theory of Lewis acids and bases, coined the term “photon” and worked with photochemical experiments. He was a pretty prolific and important chemist!

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