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November 22, 2011

Check out some of our destinations for tomorrow’s epic trip:

Grand Central Terminal:  We’ll be taking the train tomorrow, so we’ll be headed here.  Gotta love Metro North!

Mood Fabrics:  Any fashion devotee who’s seen Project Runway knows that this place has a fantastic fabric selection.  On the upside, we won’t have Tim Gunn there telling us we only have $30 and 20 minutes to pick out our fabric.  On the downside, we won’t have Tim Gunn there keeping us on budget and on schedule.

Paron Fabrics:  I came across this one surfing for other destinations; commenters on sites like Yelp! say that this place is like an old-timey department store:  It has everything you need and the sales floor people are knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly.  I’m excited to go here.

M&J Trims:  I’m not quite sure why this is listed as B&Q Trimmings (but according to the Internet this IS actually the place we want.  But this place is an entire store dedicated to buttons, beads, ribbons, snaps, closures, feathers, you name it…and I am SUPER stoked about it.  Notions can be amazing sources of inspiration!

These are our focal points, but as Strawberry Shortcake reminded us today, we’ll basically be stopping in any place that catches our eye (and for me, that could be a lot of places!)  We’ve also marked two restaurants on the map, Eataly and Szechuan Gourmet, as possibilities for lunch stops.  I know which one I’ll be rooting for…New Haven has a definite dearth of good Chinese food.

Get excited, readers!  We’ll show you some pictures of our purchases once we get back safe and sound.  And as the general planner/mom of this trip, I’ll make sure there’s enough Kleenex, chapstick, and granola bars to keep everybody comfortable and happy. 🙂

~Love and Stitches,

Miss Pascal

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