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Gearing Up for NYC: Make it Work!

November 21, 2011

Before we get into the full Thanksgiving spirit, Miss Pascal and I are taking advantage of having a whole week off from school! Tomorrow we will be venturing into New York City (a short train ride from New Haven, our home base) to go to some legitimate fabric shops. Although we love JoAnn’s, we are ready to up the ante. We also have some fabrics and things we would like to buy that they just don’t sell at JoAnns and don’t really want to order online. The trip will be me, Miss Pascal, Strawberry Shortcake (who we work with at school and is quite the crafter herself, check out some of the plush animals she creates at her Etsy shop and Chloe (who is also a prolific crafter, more specifically knitter. Check her store out at  In preparation for our trip Miss Pascal sent out this hilarious email:

Hi Ladies!

I hope you all still have Tuesday, November 22 open on your calendars for our crafting adventure.  I’ve got a few ideas, and I hope you all contribute if there’s anything in particular you want to do. There’s a lot for us to see in the Garment District, and luckily it’s close together, but we don’t have to overload ourselves!

  • Trains:  we should all be on the same train (more fun and perhaps knitting on the way?)—I was thinking either the 9:32 (gets in at 11:14) or the 10:09 (gets in at 11:50).  We don’t want to have to wake up too early, of course, but we also don’t want to stay out too late!  For trains home we have options, the 3:33 gets back at 5:19 and the 4:07 gets back at 5:55.  Nobody should feel obligated to stay around the whole day and night (we all know I need my nap)
  • When we get in we should walk AWAY from Times Square and find some lunch!  Beware—if I smell a bagel, I will want to eat it.
  • Sights:   I looked up some stores and some priorities should be Mood (make it work!), Paron, and M&J Trimming, all within a few blocks of each other—if there’s any place specific you want to go, let me know…OH YEAH I’LL BE MAKING A MAP.  Hella exciting.  There are also a bajillion places in the Garment District so we can also just stop in any place that looks cool.
  • Dress warmly but chic-ly—there will likely be pictures taken for the SewRational blog (of course, your faces will be Photoshopped over with famous historical nerd figures) so look your best!

I AM SUPER STOKED.  Also, I have to write down a budget so I don’t get overwhelmed by all the prettiness…

Clearly she is excited. And of course, there will be pictures of the city and our adventures! So, keep you eyes open for that tomorrow and the next day. I will be cooking all day Wednesday for Thanksgiving with my mom, but I will definitely take a break to do some Photoshopping and post pictures!

~Love and Stitches,


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