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Sewing Patterns Confuse Me!

November 7, 2011

Okay so this blog is all about sewing but I am definitely not afraid to let it be known that I am a beginner!!  I have a pretty decent sense of how things come together once I make it once or someone shows it to me (i.e. Miss Pascal as my interpreter). When we made our Halloween costumes I didn’t really look at the patterns much, I just followed Miss Pascal’s lead and did what she told me. Pretty much the same is true with the dress I made. But after a few of these projects I realize that it is time to go it (mostly) alone. I have started work on a project for a Christmas gift and the pattern reading is killing me! As this is for a holiday project…

OFFICIAL SPOILER ALERT: Krypton’s mom STOP reading now!!!

I took a trip out to JoAnn’s with Miss Pascal on Saturday with a few projects in mind. One being picking up the fabric for a birthday gift for my cousin (look out for a post on this soon), but the main reason being coming up with something to make for my mom for Christmas. I found a pattern that looked good – McCall’s Fashion Accessories M5898 which has patterns for 6 different tote bags. I have a ton of Redskin fabric that I wanted to use to make my mom a tote bag (in addition to the fun, quick shirt project I made her before). The best part was the pattern retails for $15.95 but it was on sale for $1.29! Talk about a steal!

But the tricky part…the tote bag that I want to make requires a lining, interfacing and the fabric that has to be in a specific orientation (it is really no good if the words “Redskins” are upside down)! I’m sure it is going to be crazy awesome when done, but that just means that there is a lot going on for me to handle. Here is the pattern “key” for what the colors mean for cutting:

Now, I have to cut out three groups of pieces: the main fabric pieces, the interfacing and the lining. Well, I am finding that reading these patterns is NOT easy. Check them out…

UGG! Is is just me or is that like another language?? Miss Pascal is going to take a look at them for me and hopefully be able to explain what is what. I don’t want to cut out the wrong pieces and go down the wrong path right from the get go!

Keep your eyes out for more holiday projects! I know that we both have various things up our sleeves for those special people in our lives. And there will be more spoiler alerts for those who this information is classified until December 25th!

~Love and Stitches,



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