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It’s been one week…

October 25, 2011

… since you heard from us! (I hope you sang that with the appropriate Barenaked Ladies tune attached!) So it has been a crazy week with some good blog intentions spoiled. Miss Pascal headed home to the DC area to visit her family and I was looking forward to spending the weekend relaxing, grading, blogging and crafting. That was until things devolved. I ended up spending about half of Saturday in bed with a low grade fever and then Sunday at a walk in clinic getting steroids & antihistamines to treat the crazy hives I broke out in!! Apparently me + chicken tikka masala = HIVES everywhere! 😦 I am still all spotted and itchy after almost three days. Despite my condition, I actually did a few things for my halloween costume – mainly trimming my tunic with fun silver sparkles and getting the collar for my cape made & trimmed lol. Check out that collar, it is going to be hilarious!

Tomorrow is the final crafting day where we are finishing up the hats and sewing the capes. Obviously there will be a big post this weekend with the finished costumes, but I thought one week was long enough and I needed to check in.

Also, I thought I’d show you a fun, super quick project I did over the last few weeks. I read a bunch of fashion and crafting blogs daily (thanks to Google Reader) and constantly star favorites for projects I want to try. I saw a project where someone (I really wish I knew who to give the credit to…but it was a string of links online and I can’t find the post I even followed to get there!) took an old t-shirt that was a bit small and gave it new life. They cut strips of new fabric and added it in each seam at the sides. I had a few t-shirts that had spent a bit too much time in the drier and could use this treatment, so I made a quick one with some extra fabric I had. What do you think?

It came together pretty quickly and I liked the final project! I actually liked it so much that I decided to make one using some of the Washington Redskins fabric I had ordered. (My whole family are huge Redskins fans, which is a pretty torturous thing to be, but we are always looking for fun new clothing options to wear on Sunday. I have multiple jerseys, t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. in addition to about 3 yards of Redskin fabric waiting for fun things to be made).

So here is the quick “tutorial” about how to make one of these shirts. I hope this makes sense (it is the first tutorial I have ever written!) You need:

  • an old t-shirt that will fit better with at least 2 inches added in.
  • two strips of fabric that are a few inches wide (depending on how much you need to expand the shirt or how much pattern you want to add) and about an inch longer than your shirt.
  • scissors, a ruler, a sewing machine, pins and thread
  • and about an hour of free time!

Step 1: Cut the shirt open at both sides. Go from the base all the way to the edge of the sleeves. I cut on one side of the seam first, then trimmed the old stitches out. Afterward this part it makes a fun vented shirt to put on. 😉

Step 2: Figure out the size fabric strips you need then cut them out. I just slightly stretched out my t-shirt, laid the fabric next to it and then marked the distance, plus 1 inch (so you can hem both ends). I then decided how wide I needed the strip to be, taking into account seam allowances. I used about a 2.5 inch wide strip for my black/white/yellow pattern fabric, but a much wider 3.5-4 inch strip for the Redskin fabric so you could see the whole logo. I am going to be 100% honest. I did not use a rule to actually measure my strips! I sort of winged it and really only used a ruler as a straight edge. You can be all exact and measure, or just go with it (definitely more my method…but I know Miss Pascal would be measuring everything!)
Step 3: Narrow hem the bottom end of your strip. (fold about 1/4 inch under, then fold 1/4 inch under again so you get a nice finished edge).
Step 4: Turn your “shirt” inside out and pin the right sides of the shirt and the fabric together on one side. Make sure the fabric is right side up (if it has a direction) and put the part you already hemmed at the bottom. Start sewing! I used about a 1/2 inch sem allowance. When you get to the arm pit part, stop sewing with about an inch left. Now, hopefully you have enough fabric and can figure out how much you need to fold under and hem at the end. Do that hemming like before, and then finish sewing it to the t-shirt. Can you really tell that I HATE measuring?!? I basically cut mine by looks and just added in some extra for wiggle room. Then I prayed until I pinned and knew I’d have enough fabric lol.
Step 5: Repeat on the other side of the strip. Pin the fabric to the other side and sew it together. After that you have a half closed t-shirt! Wear it out and let people stare at your side boob!
…okay, please don’t do that. You are more classy than than. Instead, repeat steps 3-5 on the other side of the shirt! And then you have a complete, closed in shirt that is ready to be worn out in public. Check out the Redskin’s final product:
Sorry it is not modeled on a person…I made it late at night and didn’t feel like going that crazy with the picture and then Photoshopping. But no fear! I am planning on making another one with a black t-shirt for my mom and I will get her (hence forth known as “momma Krypton”) to model it for the blog (and then of course cover up her face hehehe).
SQ will be back in the next few days with more Halloween updates! I hope this wet your appetite for crafting for the time being!
~Love and Stitches,
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