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Super Quick Halloween Update!

October 19, 2011

So Halloween is coming up fast – and we need our costumes ready for next Friday! After the marathon hat making session on Saturday, the costumes were in very good shape and almost complete. My tunic needed trimming, feathers needed to be bought then added to the hats and emblems for the tunics needed to be sketched and made. Not too bad for 2 weeks left.

…but then we decided that we had to have capes. Miss Pascal made another JoAnns trip and bought a whole mess of burgundy crushed velvet (oh yeahhhh). Today we meet after school to cut out the patterns and fabric pieces. Each each cape had 5 pieces of pattern, times 3 capes…so 15 fun pieces were cut (and we aren’t even lining them!) Here is the damage:

Doesn’t this fabric look awesome?!? I don’t think I have ever worn a cape (“People tend to avoid people in capes…”) but I am looking forward to it.

Do you still not know what we are being and all this sewing is going to result in? Here is another hint…a movie about these characters is coming out soon (and it stars the guy who played Titus Pullo from Rome, which is a great show if you haven’t seen it!). Any guesses now??

~Love and Stitches,


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