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Halloween Update, or, Don We Now Our Gay Apparel, or, Why We Will Never Make Hats Again

October 16, 2011

…After about five hours of work this morning and afternoon, we have three almost-completed hats (okay, so I ran out of trim before getting to the third one…)!

This crafting day wasn’t without its pitfalls, however.  E. Chadwick (our aforementioned colleague and partner in adventure) and I started by pinning and cutting the pattern pieces while Krypton worked on piecing together her tunic (she wanted to sew hers all by herself, so I did the cutting in preparation for today).  The cutting proceeded quickly and easily…and then the sewing started.  The plan was that I would work on two of the hats to get a sense of how the steps would work, and Krypton would follow close behind me after I could clearly describe each step to her…

…trouble started brewing quickly, however.  When it came time to attach the brim to the crown of the hat, the pattern indicated that I should sew the wrong sides together.  But after sewing the seam, I realized something was horribly wrong…

…so back to the drawing board on that seam.  After putting the RIGHT sides together and stitching, the hat looked right, though there did seem to be a large amount of excess fabric in the crown that had to be taken in.  Each of us tried it on the finished hat and found that it didn’t fit at all!  It sat on top of E. Chadwick’s head awkwardly, and I found I couldn’t raise my eyebrows without sharp pain striking!  E. Chadwick and I swore that we cut out the pattern correctly, and after some inspection, we realized that we had cut it just right, but that it was marked poorly.  On one side, the line that we had originally cut to was marked “L” for the large size, but on the other, it was marked “S!”  We had cut the head openings to be too small!  No wonder the crown and the brim hadn’t matched up!

Back to the drawing board a second time…

…but this time, we cut the head openings on the brims to be larger…

Phew!  I finished sewing the hats, and we made hat bands out of our tunic fabric.

The finishing touches for the day were the hat buckles, made out of some gold lamé fabric glued to a square of cardboard.  As E. Chadwick tried his hat on for the first time, we remarked mirthfully how much he resembled the gayest Pilgrim to hit Broadway!  🙂  We still have a few touches to finish our hats, namely, finding some awesome plumes for them and tacking one side of the hat jauntily over our plumes.

I think we’re definitely in good shape to start some capes!  What do you think, readers?  And can you tell what we’re going to be NOW?

~Love and Stitches,

Miss Pascal

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