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Krypton’s (Short) Krafting Hiatus

October 7, 2011

Today is SQ‘s one week anniversary! Not something to really celebrate, I understand. But still, YAY! Thus far you have heard about why we started the blog, my “krafting” history (sorry for the silly alliteration in the title), about our Halloween crafting past and present, but nothing about my current crafting projects. Well, that will have to wait. I have a few things that I want to start working on (in addition to all that scrapbooking and helping Miss Pascal on our costumes), but haven’t had the time lately. School has been busy and normally the weekends are a perfect time to catch up on sleep and projects. Not this weekend. I am taking a crafting hiatus. I will be doing something even more fun and special!

I am getting on a plane and heading out to Arizona for the weekend! My college roommate, here to forth known as Pavlov, took a job working as a school psychologist outside of Phoenix. She and her husband moved out there in July from New York and this will be my first, and I’m sure not my last, time out west to visit them. I wanted to share a few pictures of me and Pavlov from college, as well as picture of me and her husband on one very fun New Year’s Eve. But, in SQ’s “tradition” I did my Photoshop thing!

This photo is from junior year of college, just before summer break. Every year, the Saturday night before final exam week, our school had a Midnight Breakfast. It was exactly like what is sounds like – breakfast served in the dining hall at midnight. But what made it so great was that professors served the food and you were greeted at the door by the president of the college! It was always one of my favorite weekends of the school year.

NERD ALERT! On the left, for Krypton we have Henry Louis Le Châtelier, a French Chemist who developed a principle for predicting the effect of changing conditions on a system in chemical equilibrium. On the right, we have none other than Ivan Pavlov, the Russian behavioral psychologist. He is best known for his work on the conditioned responses of dogs (“Pavlov’s dogs”).

In this photo you see me busting a move on the dance floor! One New Year’s Eve in college I ventured to Long Island to enjoy the festivities with Pavlov, her boyfriend (and eventual husband), her cousin and some other friends. It was an absurdly good time. There are some great stories and fond memories of that night.

NERD ALERT! For Pavlov’s husband (a business major in college), we have Andrew Carnegie. Carnegie was a tremendously successful businessman who led the expansion of the steel industry. [Is is just me or does Carnegie look like the old guy from Jurassic Park?? “We have a T-Rex!”] And standing in for Krypton this time is British chemist William Crookes. In addition to grooming an amazing mustache, Crookes worked on spectroscopy and developed a vacuum tube, known as the Crookes tube. The Crookes tube was used to discover both electrons and X-rays. And lead to development of the tubes that would eventually be in TVs.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend. I can tell you for certain that I will!

~Love and Stitches,


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