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Krypton’s Krafting History: Part 1

October 3, 2011

I am OBSESSED with pictures. Here is my story…

I would consider scrapbooking my “gateway drug” into crafting. During middle school and high school I got into taking pictures and making scrapbooks. I think my mom & dad are to blame. They took lots of pictures of me as a baby and kept them all neatly organized in traditional photo books. Then I saw their wedding and honeymoon scrapbook. And my grandparents wedding album. And I was hooked.

Every photo was a moment trapped in time. Happy, sad, hilarious, posed, candid…I loved them all. I can visualize some of the photos that really hooked me. Me sitting on my dad’s stomach on the beach on vacation in Wildwood, NJ when I was probably 1 or 2. “Under the Boardwalk” by the Drifters plays in my head. The photo of my dad, grandmother and great-grandfather sitting on the stoop outside their house. The picture could have been a cast shot of the Godfather (my family is Italian, and those three really look it in this picture). My mom’s senior photo from high school with her blond short hair and amazing light teal shirt with the 70s colar. To sum it all up with a (slightly less) cliché quote:

Every picture has a story to tell.

When I started taking pictures of my friends, family and important events, I gravitated towards putting them all together in a nice scrapbook. I wanted to be able to flip through and remember everything. To be transported back in time. You can find many of these albums on shelves in my parents house. One album of the middle school dance, which had photos developed from an actual roll and has me looking  cute, but sort of middle school awkward. During high school I got more serious scrapbooking, particularly with events like prom and marching band.  Yes, I was in the marching band. And now I teach chemistry. Just writing that makes me feel like a huge nerd.

College was a scrapbooking explosion for me. Having a digital camera made taking pictures so easy. Every party, stupid night and fun event is pretty well documented. I have a scrapbook for each year…and they get progressively larger. I can’t even pick up my senior year scrapbook with one hand. During college I got my first Apple computer, a white 13″ MacBook that started my love affair with iPhoto. It was (and still is) such an easy way to organize all the pictures I was taking! Translation: scrapbooking became super easy. I could upload my pictures and my roommates pictures right into digital albums and keep everything in order. Then just print them out, put them back into that order and go. I would sit down with many rolls of double-faced tape, scissors, Sharpies and some colored paper. And then scrapbook to my hearts content for hours at a time. Perhaps I will show you some of my favorite pages in the future (and as always photoshop some faces!). After about 5 years with a Mac, iPhoto and a picture obsession you have this…

Yes that says 23,118. A few random photos for your enjoyment from: college graduation, a golf trip to Ireland, the countryside somewhere in France and near the docks in Maine. You can also see a glimpse into my organization of the photos. Once photos make it from iPhoto to print to scrapbook, I show them off as much as possible. Nearly every time my college friends visit we look through the scrapbooks and laugh at how young we look. And the crazy things we did. I keep all these gems in my end table for easy access. Take a look:

There are about a dozen scrapbooks there and this space won’t be adequate for much longer. Why? Because I need to scrapbook all the pictures I printed out this summer. And there are a lot. I don’t have the exact count, but I ordered over 900 photos from Costco (my favorite place to print photos) to add to the bunch I already had waiting to be scrapbooked. What does that many pictures look like together? I’m glad you asked…

As I work through this GIGANTIC project I’ll keep you updated. But be prepared for it to take quite a while. That is a lot of pictures and I am busy. But this blog may just be the motivation I need.

~Love and Stitches,


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